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Uston Advanced Point Count

Uston had been a successful gambler of all time. Besides, he wrote a book containing advanced strategy for card counting. This was in his blackjack book named Million Dollar Blackjack. The Uston Advanced Point Count was a system that makes the blackjack players advantageous over the House. If they could implement the system properly, then they would be successful in managing their betting strategies. This indeed would lead to great win of money and minimization of losses.

The Uston Advanced Point Count was basically considered to be one of the most challenging systems ever been created. It was expected to require more time and energy as this system is very complicated. However, Uston assured in his book that it would take as much time as an average chess, backgammon or bridge player.

The Uston Advanced Point Count was a three-level count. The Uston Advanced Point Count worked by the following way:

• Points were assigned to different groups of cards in the deck. This ignored the suits.
• The total had to be calculated in the mind continuously.
• Players had to continuously add and subtract from the total based on the number being shown up on the cards.

The numbers were assigned in the following manner:

• The 2 and 8 were given +1.
• The 3,4,6, and 7 were given +2.
• The 5 was given +3.
• If 9 appeared, 1 was subtracted.
• All 10s and Royals usually subtracted 3.
• The Ace was neutral thus could be ignored.

The Uston Advanced Point Count had a variety over 163 strategies which had to be memorized by the player. However it was getting tough for the players to remember all of them. Uston had many players on his blackjack team who implemented the blackjack system. However, he finally admitted the fact that the players faced difficulties in making money. This was because they were continuously making mistakes. He later stopped them from using Uston Advanced Point Count and derived another black-jack betting system.