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Online Poker Position Strategy

A person who is in constant touch with poker articles either on the internet or even in the print media, is sure to come across phrases such as "when you have position on him", "raise from late position", "do not play small pairs from early position" and so on. All these phrases actual refer to some very planned and thought out online poker position strategy and this article is an attempt to learn more about such online poker position strategy.

There is not doubt that "position" in online poker games is a very important word and depending on the position, it could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. It could be a position of strength or a position of disadvantage to the player. One has to understand be aware of the fact that in a poker table, position is always used in relation to the Blinds and hence it has a lot of relevance to the dealer button also. The main reason for having position for a certain player actually is driven by the need to act after him rather than acting before him. It goes without saying that if you are acting after someone, you will be in a position to consider what he has done to you a few minutes or seconds before. Hence, there is every possibility that by using such well planned online poker position strategy, you will be in a position to control of the overall outcome of the game. This will be done by your actions, rather than depending on the actions of your opponent. It goes without saying that as long as you act after someone has acted you are in a position of strength and it gives you time to plan your action which could be to your benefit and advantage