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Keno Terms and Definitions

Although keno is a popular lottery game, those who aren't familiar with it may find it a bit confusing. It is not as straightforward as playing the slots can be. There are several types of keno games with different tickets that provide a variety of ways to win.


As a result of the multitude of game varieties, there are several different keno terms and definitions. Here is a collection of some keno terms that gamblers come across when playing keno online.

• Exacta is a ticket that can be used for two games. Players get the chance to receive a bonus payout and more than one potential outcome.
• Free Play is a ticket that lets players play again if they win. This means that a player can choose to play again using a specific type of play if he does not want the cash payout.
• An inside ticket is a ticket that the player marks and gives in at the window. While the ticket is "inside", the player waits for the computer to print it in order to show the numbers that have been picked.
• The Keno Board is the display screen that shows the drawn numbers. In a casino, it can be in the lobby, a lounge, at a bar or in several places including all of the above and more.
• A progressive game is one in which the prize increases after each game until it is finally won. The top prize is not automatically won when the first game ends.

Of all the different keno terms and definitions, video keno is perhaps the most self-explanatory. Video keno is played on a machine. Random numbers are generated by the video machine, using software especially installed for this purpose.